Regulus in a birth chart

I have always had a problem with my place in society as a woman. None of the roll-models offered up to me were any that appealed to me except maybe Ripley (from Aliens) or Xena, Warrior Princess. And yet, I am a Virgo. Yes, I have Mars in Scorpio, Jupiter in Aries and a Sag ascendant, but still. These could not, in my mind, account for the temper I have spent a large portion of my life learning to control. When I get angry, I have no fear. This has gotten me to walk into acquaintances bedrooms when I heard the boyfriend hitting his (much smaller) girlfriend, offer to throw full-grown drunk men out of the shop I worked in and having them leave! (I am 161 cm or 5 foot 2 inches tall) and telling a group of 5 or 6 bullies to piss off when I found them at it in a secluded place with a victim. The icing on the cake is a fight with the police. Yes, my temper as been a problem.  To lose has been to die a little. My greatest downfall has been my pride. And I am a Virgo. It made no sense.

After many many years of searching I think I have solved the mystery.


Perhaps you are already familiar with Regulus and do not need further information. If not, this could potentially be a missing part of your horoscope. His belongs to a group called The Royal Stars, in the sign of Leo and is considered the foremost. His name means “The Star of Kings”. He is associated the royalty and power – or a “majestic” temperament. Regarded by the Greeks as a mixture of Mars and Jupiter it will leave its mark on you if it comes in contact with any of the personal planets or angles (Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Descendent, Mercury, Venus and Mars. You can find the aspects Regulus makes in your horoscope at Astro. com here. Don’t forget to check the declinations! You can find interpretations at Dark Star Astrology, here. He is also considered to be the arch-angel Raphael, one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Kind of a heavy hitter. The orb I have found given is an entire 3 degrees, three times the amount of any other I’ve read about.

In my horoscope it is conjoined with a Leo Moon, right on the cusp of Virgo, in house 8. This would exaggerate the “occult interests” that go with this aspect (ergo I have always been interested in astrology and love mysteries, psychology (or both in murder mysteries) and all that is beneath the surface of a person. It takes a lot to make me flinch… or surprised. This aspect is also supposed to “make women high-spirited and independent.”  I’ll dance by myself whenever I feel like it. And I’ll rock hard. Pink is a favorite. Or old-style hard rock. I’ve always felt hard-rock is for warriors trying to get by in a domesticated society. That’s just my opinion, but I think its Regulus talking.

Of course, even Xena has a soft side and she is a true and loyal friend, not to mention nice to have on your side in a fight. As long as she fights the good fight and keep her ego in control (easier said than done) Regulus will come to your aid when you need him.

Do you have a side you have trouble explaining, like there’s a piece missing from the puzzle? perhaps you need to check out some of the fixed stars or asteroids. As more and more people partake in sharing insights from personal experience the more accurate our interpretations become. Check them out! You never know what you might find. Xena


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